Anterior thigh flap extended hemipelvectomy and spinoiliac arthrodesis

Surg Oncol. 2011 Dec;20(4):e215-21. Epub 2011 Jul 27.
Mavrogenis AF, Soultanis K, Patapis P, Papagelopoulos PJ.
We present the technique of anterior thigh flap extended external hemipelvectomy with spinoiliac arthrodesis in treatment of the patient with recurrent low-grade pelvic chondrosarcoma extending to the lower lumbar spine. Extended hemipelvectomy involves skeletal resection beyond the standard hemipelvectomy that is the SI joint by removal of contiguous musculoskeletal structures, such as elements of the sacral and lumbar spine or contralateral pelvic bone, in addition to the affected innominate bone. Spinoiliac arthrodesis reestablishes spinopelvic stability; the anterior thigh musculocutaneous flap provides reliable well-vascularized soft tissue coverage. This technique may serve an important role in the surgical management of patients with low-grade pelvic malignancies.